Which baseball glove is suitable for which position?

I am often asked about the right baseball glove . In the early days of baseball, players didn't wear any.

The Vintage Baseball League in America still plays completely without baseball gloves. True to the motto: baseball is not for wimps.

Every position in the field has different requirements for the players playing there, but that has always been the case and of course in modern baseball it also has an impact on the right glove.

Which baseball glove is suitable for which position?

The catcher glove stands out due to its size and round shape. It has no fingers and is used to provide a good target for the pitcher. Special padding sometimes helps to cushion hard thrown balls when catching. There are hardly any left-handers in the catcher position. Presumably because most batsmen hit from the right and the catcher then has a free path with his right arm to more easily throw the opponent to second base when trying to steal.

Another baseball glove that is shaped differently than the others is the first baseman mitt. These particular gloves also lack individual finger stalls and are usually slightly longer to increase range on catches. "Baseball is a game of inches" So a game where it's often just about centimeters.

The infielders prefer a slightly smaller glove. This makes you more agile and you can transfer the ball faster from the glove to the throwing hand to throw faster. Baseball is also a split-second game.

Pitchers also usually prefer a slightly smaller infielder glove, firstly because they play in the infield and secondly because it is lighter. They won't usually use an "open web" though, because through that open web, the opponent could see how they hold the ball and would know what pitch to throw next.

Outfielders have a little more time and in turn prefer a longer glove to possibly reach the flyballs after all. But there are also so-called multi-purpose "utility gloves", which can serve well for infielders and outfielders, especially the third baseman. A player is often used in several positions and does not necessarily want to buy a baseball glove for every position. These are also ideal for beginners, beginners and recreational players.

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