WebGlov the world's smallest baseball glove

WebGlov by Personal Pitcher... the world's smallest baseball glove

The overload principle is applied with the Webglov. Perfect for improving hand-eye coordination by gradually increasing the difficulty and speed of the workout.

Some examples of this could be:

  • Using smaller balls and/or thinner racquets to improve fine hand motor skills
  • Using faster throws to improve responsiveness.
  • Using unanticipated throws to improve visual perception and the ability to react quickly to changing situations.
  • Increasing the distance between the pitcher and the batsman to reduce the time the batsman has to track and hit the ball.
  • Increasing the number of throws or duration of training to improve endurance.

The overload principle has a positive effect in many respects. This also affects coordination, visual perception and the ability to react.

The WebGlov is therefore also very well suited for catcher training.

Frame inside and outside pitches. Block. Everything you otherwise have to train with a coach and painful hard balls…. can be trained with the Webglov countless times, safely, with the Personal Pitcher and the Webglov (the smallest baseball glove in the world).

Have fun and good luck with your training.