A historical treatise on the phenomenon of baseball

Today is about the historical treatise on the phenomenon of baseball.

"Baseball" the book

A must for baseball fans. Extensive information about baseball rules, written in a way that is easy to read. Sufficiently illustrated, information on the history and development of the German baseball scene.

It says, how could it be otherwise: "Baseball the History of an American Sport"

Yes, it's in German and was written by Claus Melchior, a well-known Munich sports journalist and author. He is the editor of the somewhat different football magazine "Der fatal Pass" and the book "Die Löwen" about his Munich 1860s.

baseball book
Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio in the Dugout

The book is a great, mainly historical treatise on the baseball phenomenon, which began as early as the late 19th century.

First of all, the most important baseball rules are conveyed in an understandable way, although you probably won't be able to understand everything if you haven't seen it a few times yourself. The same problem would be explaining football to someone without moving pictures, which wouldn't work 100% either...

In individual, time-delimited chapters, it is described how the game has developed from the point of view of the players and owners over the years up to the present day. There are sub-chapters dealing with the most notable players as well as topics such as "Baseball in Movies" or "Baseball and Music".

An absolutely great book for those interested in sports and baseball history, which has not yet existed in German in this form.

I think the book is very nice, not only because it is otherwise so difficult to find a decent baseball book in Germany, let alone one in German. But because the author really has a clue; he has been totally fascinated by this sport for more than 30 years, just like us.

Hence my recommendation that you should definitely buy this book and read it at your leisure. You always have it to hand afterwards as a reference.

Here you go directly to new book "Baseball ".

Until then and best regards,
Hans Weisse

PS So not just a book for seasoned baseball players, but also a great gift!